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The research institute is located in the Galilee Medical Center and serves as a research, teaching, and training center. The environment of the medical center is an excellent abode for conducting clinical - basic research, from the patient's bed to the laboratory bench and back. The Galilee Medical Center Research Institute (GMCRI) was established in early 2002 by Dr. Tamar Shkolnik from the view that research is an integral part and of great importance in developing and raising the bar for excellent medical services. Therefore, in addition to expanding medical services, In 2018, the institute moved to a new building located in the western part of the Galilee Medical Center, and serves as a research, teaching, training, and consulting services. In additoin, the GMCRI delivers research services to companies in the industry and promotes research collaboration with academic institutions in Israel and abroad. The institute was built with the assistance of a donation from the president of the Friends of the Galilee Medical Center, Ms. Raya Strauss Ben Dror, Bar-Ilan University and the Israeli Ministry of Peripheral Development of the Negev and the Galilee.

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