Tissue engineering

The Tissue Engineering research laboratory

A basic research driven by clinical challenges

The tissue engineering laboratory studies the regeneration of soft and hard tissues that were damaged as a result of chronic diseases, cancer or physical injury. To engineer the ideal tissue, we use adipose- or bone marrow-derived stem cells, fabricate scaffolds that mimic the extracellular matrix to support cell proliferation and differentiation using nanotechnology, or adapt abundant body tissues, e.g., adipose tissue, to serve as ideal constructs for tissue regeneration. Moreover, we employ 3D printing technologies to investigate modifications in tissue structure as a result of environmental damage and to print scaffolds for clinical use.

Prof. Samer Srouji, DMD;PhD

Head of the Galilee College of Dental Sciences, Director of The Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine and Dentistry Institute

Research interests

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